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Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. There are many details to pick out, such as the reception venue, the decor, the cake and the menu. When it comes to food, finding a wedding caterer that can fit your needs and budget is crucial.

Make sure you have a plan before you start looking at wedding catering packages with prices. No matter how tempting some wedding catering packages may seem, you need to remember the budget you have allocated for wedding catering. The key to finding the right wedding venues will depend on your online research. When working with wedding catering services, it’s up to the company to get the job done right. However, it is your responsibility to clear all the details with them well in advance of the big day. If you’re considering wedding catering services for your special day, keep reading for our wedding catering planning timeline.


Six to Eight Months Before the Wedding:

Pick a short list of the best wedding catering companies in your area. Your list should have no more than half a dozen different options. Otherwise, it will take more effort to make a final decision.

Once you have determined which wedding caterers you want to use, set up a time to meet with them and discuss your wedding reception menu. They will have a selection of wedding catering packages and will be able to tell you the estimated cost for each package. Before anything is finalised, you will need to review the catering agreement, sign it and make a deposit

Four to Six Months Before the Wedding:

Get a final count of all wedding guests who plan to attend the reception. Once you’ve double-checked your list and have a fund count from both sides of the family, contact your wedding reception caterers. This is also the time to discuss special dietary requests (if any) with your wedding reception caterers.

Two To Three Months Before The Wedding:

Food is the most important aspect of wedding catering, but you also need to consider seating arrangements, as well as any rentals you’ll need. By now, wedding day worries are starting to set in, but don’t let that stop you from finalizing your floor plan and agreeing on seating arrangements with your wedding partners. At some point during your discussion, you will also need to go over the list of rental items, including (but not limited to) linens, tables and chairs.


One Month Before The Wedding:

It’s time to review the wedding catering contract. Feel free to read it with a fine-toothed comb before signing. you can still make any necessary last minute changes at this time. You should also confirm the timing of the wedding day with them. This will ensure that your wedding caterers know when to arrive and when to start serving the food.

One Week Before The Wedding:

Reconfirm your final guest count and then notify the caterer of any changes. Talk to them again about rental items and make sure you’re both on the same page. Sometimes the details slip out, so this is one way to avoid potential mishaps on the wedding day.

The Day Before The Wedding:

Go over the nitty-gritty details with wedding catering services one last time. They want your special day to go as smoothly as possible. communicate your expectations so they can meet your needs.

Wedding Day:

Now that all the wedding catering details have been taken care of – enjoy yourself. Your wedding doesn’t happen every day, so don’t waste all that time, planning and preparation. Eat whatever food you want, and most of all, have fun celebrating this unforgettable day!


Planning is of the utmost importance, especially for special events like weddings. Ideally, you should find a wedding caterer six to eight months before the wedding. Once you’ve chosen a wedding caterer, start planning things with them as soon as possible. The more time you give yourself, the better your chances of success on the big day.

We offer high quality catering services at the best estates in the prefecture of Thessaloniki. We have been proudly serving our clients for over 10 years and look forward to providing you with the best wedding catering experience of your life.

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Kalliopi Bibis.

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